About Us
The principal activities of JEK HUNG METAL ROOFING SDN BHD are structural steelwork, metal roofing and we do offer a wide range of services to the construction industry.

JEK HUNG METAL ROOFING SDN BHD was incorporated in 2009 in Malaysia. We already have 13 years of experience. The company's endeavor towards excellence in construction quality, safety, performance, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility has enabled it to be the most trusted and sought-after Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, and Project Management company in the region.It has consistently delivered projects, providing value-added engineering, construction, and service skills to customers for whom the quality of execution, efficiency, and reliability are critical.

We provide high quality product,good services,and promise your order will completed by the delivery time

A teamwork with passion,constantly communicate,learn new idea concept and continuous improvement
Professionally & Experience

Production worker have years of experience and professional skill to completed all the best of exquisite order

Our worker have been maintained in good condition, training and basic safety precautions

Our technical staff will regularly check and repair the machine's part structure to ensure every project happen without any accidents
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